For support or information at any time please call – 1-800-265-5506 to speak with one of our counsellors – they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Outreach Counselling & Advocacy Services

We offer individual and group counselling for women (over 16 years) who have or are currently experiencing abuse of any kind.

We also offer support and advocacy for women with criminal, civil or family legal matters, social services, housing, income supports, etc.

We can provide both group and individual counselling to women at various locations throughout Huron County.

To get set up with counselling please call 1-800-265-5506 or connect with Susan – 519-524-5333 x308

Children and Youth Program

A special counselling and support program is available for children and youth who have witnessed violence in their home.  Contact Kelly at 519-524-5333 X 314 for more details.  Children and youth who have witnessed violence can be seen in their school or home community as well as in the shelter and at any second stage site.  Support for parents is also provided.

Mothers In Mind

A group for mothers with children up to age 6.  Content is geared towards moms who have experienced trauma. This group is offered in the Spring and Fall each year.

No fees for group & refreshments are provided. Transportation and Childcare Assistance is Available

For more information or to register please call Kelly – 519-524-5333 X 314

Changing Families

A group for mothers and children ages 6-13yrs who have been exposed to woman abuse.  This group is being offered in 2016 and is without cost.   Transportation and childcare is available.

For more information or to register please call Kelly: 519-524-5333 X314

Transition Support Program

The Transition Support Program is available to women in Huron County who are experiencing moments of transition in their lives and have experienced violence.  From thinking about leaving an abusive relationship through all of the transitions after leaving a relationship, the transition support counsellor can help a woman to access resources, through the court process and support women every step of the way.

Contact Arletta or Krista for support – 519-524-5333

Call us at 1-800-265-5506 for more details on any of our counselling programs.  Check back here often for updates on the groups being offered.

Family Court Support Program

The Family Court Support Program is available to women in Huron County who have experienced domestic violence and are involved in the family court or will be involved with family court in the future.  The program is able to provide information about family court, attend appointments, connect with legal supports, make referrals, and debrief after attending court.  The family court support counsellor can support women every step of the way.

Contact Susan – 519-524-5333 x308